July 2021:

  • July 17th & 18th: Raising a Young Gentleman Summer Camp

Note: Due to COVID-19, a limit of 10 students per session permitted.  For the seminar to begin, a minimum of six students must be enrolled/registered.

How to Raise a Young Gentlemen Summer Camp (Ages 8 - 18 yrs.):

Manners are more important than ever, and when practiced, will help your young gentleman become more successful socially and later professionally. This entertaining and interactive weekend summer camp will help teach your young man manners and essential social skills to help them become confident and comfortable in any situation. The summer camp is designed to provide a fundamental perspective of several topics: role-plays, discussion, hands-on activities, and more; while providing a challenge learning how to tie a necktie or bowtie for an unforgettable experience.

The ELII’s summer camp includes a four-course dining tutorial where the attendees will practice their table manners and conversation skills they’ve learned during the summer camp experience and present a two-minute speech relating to a unique topic (identified upon registration).

The summer camp details:

  • Location: Courtyard by Marriott Indianapolis Castleton, Indianapolis, IN 46242, (address: 8670, Allisonville, Rd, Indianapolis, IN)
  • Dates: July 17th & 18th, 2021
  • Time: 9:45 AM to 4:00 PM (Saturday & Sunday)

Cost: $125.00 (includes snacks, booklet, certificate of completion), Register by June 1, 2021, and pay $100.00

  • Registration link: www.INDYSummerCamp.com

Etiquette and Life coach : Adults (Ages 18 - 30 yrs.)

Have you graduated from college? Are you uncomfortable in a social environment? Getting ready to begin a new job in this COVID-19 society? Maybe you’re not sure what’s your next step could be in your world (what you may see as uncertainty); trying to move in a positive path of success, inspiring to make a change in the world and life you may have just hit a time in your life that requires additional guidance, wisdom, and motivation.

We all need a little help at times, especially when it comes to self-discovery journeys. Whether your goal is to be more confident or find fulfillment in a passionate project, it can be tough to figure out how to get from point A (identifying a goal) to point B (actually going after and achieving that goal).

This is where The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana (ELII) Etiquette and Life coaching program comes into play. We use several methodologies and processes for achieving your ideal life, and it starts with:

  • Communication (listing and sharing).
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and overcome obstacles holding you back.
  • Planning and setting SMART goals.
  • Creating a personal strategic plan to take you to the finish line,
  • One-on-one coaching sessions are allowing you to feel relaxed; you only matter.
  • And much more…

If you are looking for an etiquette and life coach, don’t’ hesitate to give ELII a call; let’s discuss how you become the person you want to be, identifying your passion, resolving internal conflict, and setting a template for success.

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

Little Ambassadors Etiquette Seminar (Ages 5 - 7 yrs.):

The Little Ambassadors seminar is designed to open the minds of young children ages 5 – 7 on subjects like the meaning of manners, rules of etiquette, and the introduction of family values to include the following:

  • Manners and etiquette rules are the essential quality to be nurtured in the family home for children ages 5 – 7.
  • Ages where children learn to play well with others, share, give, and respect all other family members and friends’ space.
  • It is a fantastic opportunity for your child who wants to learn all those little things with dining, being a great small person host, and little guess, and demonstrating an understanding of the rules of “Act of Kindness.”
  • Learning all about table settings, setting the table, eating with their mouth full, proper use of napkins and utensils (fork, knives, spoons), developing excellent behaviors at the table, mealtime manners, and posture.
  • Listening and speaking when it’s their turn, making an introduction, and being gracious.
  • Having an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned to their family members
  • Learning the “Act of Kindness” gestures. Thus demonstrates the giving back to others.
  • And much more…

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

Young Diplomats Etiquette and Leadership Seminar (Ages 8 - 13 yrs.):

This seminar is designed to educate pre-teens while giving them the processes needed to engaged unique situation as they grow in the coming years of adolescence and adulthood;

  • Defining the true meaning of manners
  • Grasping the Rules of Etiquette
  • Introduction of Protocols
  • Building their circle of friends
  • Respecting adult family members; i.e. mother, father, and grandparent
  • Understanding of Value’s; family, personals, friendship, trust, and property
  • Sportsmanship etiquette (fair play and respect of your opponent)
  • Leadership principals – leading within
  • ​Acceptance of Trust
  • ABC of Table Manners
  • Making an exceptional introduction – using the eight ingredients of an introduction
  • And much more…

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

Future Professional Leadership Seminar (Ages 14 - 18 yrs.):

FP seminar is designed to allow young adults to engage in new social challenges, understanding how to build self-awareness, and grow greater self-confidence. In doing so, each FP will gain knowledge using ELII’s leadership principals and becoming introduced to the Return on Investment (ROI) cycle of a young adult. Designed for tomorrow’s young leaders

Understanding the principals and meaning of leadership
Eight ROIs of decision making:

  • Return on your Attitude
  • Return on your Behavior
  • Return on your Choices
  • Return on your Decisions
  • Return on your Emotions
  • Return on your Kindness
  • Return on your perceptions
  • Return on your Time

Building self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth
Enhancing Communication skills (thinking before you speak)

2-minute presentation

  • ABCs of table manners
  • Mastering and applying the rules of etiquette in public
  • Dressing for success and working the room
  • Tips on conflict resolution 101
  • Circling the wagons around a job fair
  • Experiencing an Act of Kindness
  • Leadership values for tomorrow

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

Single Family relief etiquette seminar for kids (Ages 8 - 13 yrs.):

In today’s fast-paced world, single parents are being pulled from all directions. Sometimes not sure of which way to go. The Etiquette and Leadership Institute wants to help single parents. This seminar is designed for single Moms and Dads seeking a break in their daily hectic lives. The design uniquely for children (ages 8 – 15) to enlighten them on etiquette skills that will be relative in the home environment. ELII will provide an educational opportunity for their child to learn many of the following subjects:

  • The basics understanding of the rules of etiquette and manners
  • Six family values (Family, Property, Friendship,
  • Social awareness outside the home
  • ABCs of table manners
  • An act of Kindness at home
  • Navigating the minefield of  low self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • How to be a great host and guest

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

Mother and Son Dining Etiquette Seminar (Ages 8 - 18 yrs.):

ELII’s Mother and Son dining etiquette seminar is an experience Mothers can wait for, an opportunity to share with their sons the essence of dining like a diplomat. You will learn table manners at the highest level of dining while overcoming dining and social challenges. ELII has found this seminar to be a valuable investment for many mothers and sons who attended over the years. Just knowing your son will learn what has become a lost skill, i.e., tipping rules, and treating young ladies with kindness and degree of honor while dining, the value of a date; the cost of dating, dining expectation, and rules gentleman should follow. As well as?

  • Designed for mothers and sons to enjoy bonding moments.
  • Applying the ABC of table manners.
  • Learning the rules of dining etiquette when being invited to dine
  • Demonstrate a mother’s role in building her son’s self-awareness, self-esteem, and social self-confidence.
  • Encouraging her son(s) to become a strong young man and into a beautiful adult.
  • How to handle a unique social and dining challenge.

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

''What a Mother Wishes for Her Son'' seminar (Ages 8 - 18 yrs.):

As a mother, have you wished for your son to one or all of the following: Take the appropriate action on a project? Take time to find a job? Treat her (his mother) with respect?, Stop asking for money? Etc. Well, if so, this seminar will break down the foundational aspect of each wish, outlining how your son can do things on his own. This seminar will bring to life the desires of mothers (and grandmothers) for their sons (and grandsons) from the book “What a Mother Wishes for Her Son, from Birth to Manhood,” written by J.A. Scott. As well as the following;

  • Open the window of manhood and what’s required of young men before they open their mouths or raising their hands to harm others
  • Bring to life what mothers want their sons to learn as they grow in age.
  • Full of laughter and awareness of the nuances of raising a boy.
  • Engaging in comfortable discussions on keeping it real from a young boy, teenagers, and young males’ point of view
  • And much more…

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

Father and Daughter Dining Etiquette Seminar (Ages 8 - 18 yrs.):

Today Fathers wish his daughter will go out on a dinner date with a young man who will treat her with respect and be able to pay for the meal(and tip). The Father and Daughters Dining Etqieutte Seminar is design for fathers to demonstration these lost skills. And daughters to learn what she should expect during a diner date, to include the ABC of table manners.

  • Building a fathers bonding opportunity with his daughter
  • Demonstrating how she should expect to be treated by young men.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of table manners
  • Take away the dining experience like a diplomat
  • Do’s and don’t of a waitstaff
  • And much more…

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

How to Raise a Young Lady Summer Camp (Ages 8 - 18 yrs.):

Raising a young girl to become a young lady in today’s society takes time, patience, wisdom, clear insight of respect, and lots of personal interaction; to include much knowledge. ELII’s two-day seminar will help your daughter (s) become a young lady by learning topics such as: showing politeness to others, demonstrating kindness, embracing empathy for others, enhancing their communication skills, and gaining a bit of self-confidence, and much more…

Session1: Understanding manners, rules of etiquette, protocols, and values
Session2: Art of Communication, six Rs of decision making.
Session3: Leadership skills, follower vs. leader, and Facilitating 101
Session4: Financial management – investing 101, and dressing with confidence
Session5: ABC’s of Table Manners
Session6: Dining like a Diplomat (five-course meal)

Note: topics subject to change at the discretion of ELII

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]

Sportsmanship etiquette seminar:

The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana (ELII), believe fair play, adherence to rules, respect for authority, and kindness toward opponents are all values that are part of sportsmanship, but these ideals are also essential components of mature behavior in other contexts. Athletes who display poor sportsmanship, including cheating, attempting to sabotage the other team, failure to extend a hand to the opponent, and losing one’s temper when a referee makes a disputed call, are not only violating tenets of good behavior on the sports field but are also acting generally rude based on wider, non-sports-specific social rules. Sportsmanship is also important in the context of athletics to make the experience of play sports more pleasant for everyone involved.

ELII follows the rules that good sportsmanship is important not only as a practice of etiquette and respect in sports but also because it helps teach young athletes good behavior and teamwork that carries over into other aspects of life. While sports provide physical activity and competition, these activities are also forms of social engagement that are guided by a set of behavioral rules much in the same way that other activities like leadership, business world, and family dynamics place a secondary emphasis on social behavior.

To learn more, contact The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana at 888-354-4639 or email; [email protected]